Who am I?

My name is Hamish Fenton, I am 26 years old (12/2006) I come from Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

In 2002 I finished an Archaeology Degree (BSc) at Bournemouth University. I'm currently working most of the time for a specialist paving company where I have been working on and off for the last nine years.

In 2003 I went travelling for six months, starting in Istanbul, Turkey and travelling through the Middle East to Egypt by bus, then flying to Ethiopia, and continuing by truck all the way down to Cape Town, South Africa.
        I had an amazing time, encountered many different people and their customs; most of all the travelling broadened my perspective of the world.  My favorite country was Ethiopia; it seemed to have a slightly different atmosphere from the rest of Africa.

Since returning from Africa back in 2003 my travelling has been restricted to the UK, I often get to North Wales, Peak District, The Lake District and Scotland.
During the Spring of 2006 I spent about a month touring around the Outer Hebrides and the far north of Scotland. Apart from my obvious interest in archaeology some of my other interests include, Architecture, photography, and the latter I particularly enjoy and can often combine this with my other interests. I also enjoy Rock Climbing, Cycling and Walking.

Previously I have had a copy of my CV available on this page, it has now been removed.

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